GeoXphere was born from a joint venture between WaldoAir Corp (USA) and Getmapping PLC (UK) and launched in October 2016.

The GeoXphere team consist of the former Solutions Division at Getmapping who have a wide range of remote sensing, GIS, programming and consultancy skills. This team provides the perfect balance for taking revolutionary technologies and making them perform in the field.


GeoXphere's vision is to provide revolutionary survey hardware and cloud-based mapping software to dedicated in-country partners, allowing them to improve the efficiency of data capture and availability of geospatial data.

By utilising GeoXphere technology, any survey company ranging from UAV operators up to national mapping agencies can fly, process and deliver high quality geospatial data at a fraction of the cost of traditional survey.

Building up a network of partners around the world, GeoXphere can act as a hub of geospatial excellence giving your company the competitive edge.

Meet The Team

Tristram CaryChairman
Tristram Cary
Tristram CaryChairman
Tristram's background is in systems engineering and business development. He has experience in satellite earth observation and founded Getmapping in 1999.

Chris MewseManaging Director
Chris Mewse
Chris MewseManaging Director
Chris' background is in remote sensing and GIS. He has developed ground and airborne remote sensing systems as well as architect cloud-based GIS software.

Chris WoodingSoftware Architect
Chris Wooding
Chris WoodingSoftware Architect
Chris has expertise in cloud-based GIS and systems architecture. His background is in Local Government and database development.

Tom HuntleySystems Consultant
Tom Huntley
Tom HuntleySystems Consultant
Tom is an accomplished project manager, web developer and systems integrator. He has experience in airborne remote sensing and street-level imagery.

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