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Multi-band survey of Ikageng, South Africa

Multi-band survey of Ikageng, South Africa

A very quick RGB/NIR/Thermal survey of part of the town of Potchefstroom in South Africa.


Camera Model XCAM B (RGB/NIR/Thermal R)
Aircraft Maule M5
Date Flown 24th May 2017
Plan Type Track
Plan Resolution 7cm RGB/NIR and 49cm Thermal
Plan Overlap 65% forward / 80% side
Survey Duration 3m 40s
Area Covered 0.50 square kilometres
Calculated SQKM/Hour 8.18



This dataset was processed two halves in Pix4D. Firstly the RGB and NIR were processed to produce a true-colour orthophoto and an NDVI index. Then the thermal data was processed separately to produce the thermal index. This XCAM had a Thermal R which means absolute temperature values could be displayed.

Processing took approximately 2 hours.


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