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3D City Survey in Drachten, The Netherlands

3D City Survey in Drachten, The Netherlands

Two circle 'lines' over Drachten to produce an XCAM 3D model.


Camera Model XCAM B (RGB/RGB)
Aircraft Cessna F172
Date Flown 27th June 2017
Plan Type WaldoAir Circular Path
Plan Resolution 3cm
Plan Overlap n/a (Circular Path)
Plan Flying Height 1,100 FT AGL
Survey Duration 11m 07s
Images Captured 370
Area Covered 2.30 square kilometres
Calculated SQKM/Hour 12.41
Actual Ortho GSD 2.8cm



This circular project was processed in Skyline Photomesh using 5 networked computers (Intel i7 4785T, 16GB RAM, 460GB SSD). They were 'fused' together to do the Photo Preparation, Aerotriangulation, Tile Build and Product Output. Ground Control Points (GCPs) were used as they were available for this project area.

Photo Preparation 0h 31m 01s
Aerotriangulation (AT) 2h 22m 01s
Tile Build (Point Cloud & Mesh) 42h 15m 47s
Product Output 0h 24m 18s


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Data captured by Kavel10. Data can be used for demonstration and evaluation purposes only. Raw or derived data not to be sold.