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3D City Survey in Nashville, USA

3D City Survey in Nashville, USA

This XCAM Ultra50 survey and 3D model really impressed the client with its speed of delivery and incredible detail.


Camera Model XCAM Ultra (RGB/RGB)
Aircraft Cessna 172
Date Flown Summer 2017
Plan Type WaldoAir Circular Path
Plan Resolution not available
Plan Overlap n/a (Circular Path)
Plan Flying Height not available
Survey Duration 1.6 hours
Images Captured 6700
Area Covered 9.2 Square Miles
Calculated SQKM/Hour 14.8
Actual Ortho GSD 3.5cm



This circular project was processed in Skyline Photomesh. Unfortunately we don't have any statistics on it as it was processed by a 3rd party but we estimate that this size of project would have taken around 72 hours to process using Amazon Web Services.


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