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Survey of Palmerston North, New Zealand

Survey of Palmerston North, New Zealand

This site was a test project to get a pilot used to flying in a circle pattern. Spoiler: she did just fine!


Camera Model XCAM B (RGB/RGB)
Aircraft Cessna 172S
Date Flown 1st September 2017
Plan Type WaldoAir Circular Path
Plan Resolution 4.5cm
Plan Overlap n/a (Circular Path)
Plan Flying Height 1,200 FT AGL
Survey Duration 6m 02s
Images Captured 522
Area Covered 1.36 square kilometres
Calculated SQKM/Hour 13.52
Actual Ortho GSD 4.1cm

This was the pilot's first circle survey project. She was given a short tutorial on the ground. This included showing the WaldoFCS interface, how to approach a new circle path and what the tolerances were. It was a near perfect flight. The weather conditions were not brilliant. There were high winds and it was overcast with low-level cloud. It had been raining near the site.



This was processed using Skyline Photomesh in a less-than-ideal setup. Three low-powered machines were connected via WiFi to do the work. The combination of a low-powered mini deskop machine, an ultrabook laptop and a Surface Pro laptop meant this wasn't the fastest build ever. Still it got the project completed in time to show a client. The more fusers you add to a Photomesh job, the quicker it will produce the results.

Photo Preparation 0d 1h 18m 46s
Aerotriangulation (AT) 0d 2h 52m 54s
Tile Build (Point Cloud & Mesh) 2d 0h 16m 04s
Product Output 0d 0h 45m 59s


Product Showcase

Orthophoto of central square

True ortho of building


Data Download

Raw Data

Download (4.00GB)

Orthophoto (JPG Format)

Download (88MB)

3D Viewer Kit (Skyline TerraExplorer)

Download (1.30GB)


Download (992MB)


Download (3.04GB)


Download (1.09GB)

I3S (ESRI Scene Package SPK)

Download (1.76GB)



  • All datasets are in New Zealand Transverse Mercator (NZTM2000)
  • Watch out for the crazy section of data in the North East of the project that was outside of the circle path, hence the warping.
  • Take a look at the viewshed tools in the Kit. We added a 'proposed' building so you can see the impact it makes.


Data captured by FAST Co Ltd, New Zealand. Data can be used for demonstration and evaluation purposes only. Raw or derived data not to be sold.