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Opportunistic survey of landslide clear-up

Opportunistic survey of landslide clear-up

XCAM survey late in the day, showing that useful data can be captured if you really want it!


This survey was carried out far too late in the day. The Sun was setting, the shadows were very long and Air Traffic Control from Wellington International just a few hundred metres away were telling us to go home. Nevertheless the crew managed to get just one XCAM Circle over the area and this was enough to get the information they needed.

The area of interest was a coastal road that cuts through the rock to a small suburb. During recent storms there had been a landslip that had just been cleared up. This data provides valuable insight for the construction company managing the site. If only it had been surveyed before the landslip then a volume calculation could have been taken.


Area of Interest

Pass of Branda, Wellington, New Zealand


Things to Note

  • The data is dark but the 3D reconstruction and information is still great.
  • Inside the cutting you can see the orange bollards left after the remedial works.
  • Even under poor lighting conditions, buildings and even street lights were modelled.
  • This survey took less than 3 minutes.
  • Try out the Contour tool in the Skyline Kit.



Camera Model XCAM B (RGB/RGB)
Aircraft Cessna 172S
Date Flown 4th September 2017
Plan Type WaldoAir Circular Path
Plan Resolution 4.5cm
Plan Overlap n/a (Circular Path)
Plan Flying Height 1,200 FT AGL
Survey Duration 2m 12s
Images Captured 238
Area Covered 0.47 square kilometres
Calculated SQKM/Hour 12.44
Actual Ortho GSD Not processed



This was processed using Skyline Photomesh in a less-than-ideal setup. Three low-powered machines were connected via WiFi to do the work. The combination of a low-powered mini deskop machine, an ultrabook laptop and a Surface Pro laptop meant this wasn't the fastest build ever. The more fusers you add to a Photomesh job, the quicker it will produce the results. This project was set off after the crew landed and it was ready the next morning.

Photo Preparation 0d 0h 35m 40s
Aerotriangulation (AT) 0d 1h 00m 15s
Tile Build (Point Cloud & Mesh) 0d 12h 23m 41s
Product Output 0d 0h 10m 28s


Product Showcase




Data captured by FAST Co Ltd, New Zealand. Data can be used for demonstration and evaluation purposes only. Raw or derived data not to be sold.