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Osorno Volcano 3D model, Chile

Osorno Volcano 3D model, Chile

A huge 82 square kilometre XCAM survey around the most active volcano in the Southern Andes.


Camera Model XCAM Ultra (RGB/RGB)
Aircraft Cessna 172
Date Flown December 2017
Plan Type WaldoAir Circular Path (modified)
Plan Resolution 12cm
Plan Overlap n/a (Circular Path)
Plan Flying Height various



This project was a tricky one in terms of processing it into a 3D model. With the lack of features and changing light it's a real challenge for dense image matching method of processing. However, with a bit of tweaking and some CPU horsepower the model came out beautifully using Skyline Photomesh. Other software was tried, but it couldn't reproduce the model as accurately. Skyline even got involved to assist with the processing as it was such an interesting project.


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Data captured by VUW and WaldoAir. Processing by Skyline Photomesh. Data can be used for demonstration and evaluation purposes only. Raw or derived data not to be sold.