Fly your own surveys quickly and cost-effectively

With XCAM you can conduct your own high-quality survey operations, either for yourself or your clients with lease or purchase options

A brief introduction

What is it?

We provide XCAM Aerial Camera systems for lease or purchase to any organisation wanting to conduct their own aerial surveys.

What does it do?

It makes aerial survey accessible for any organisation who wants to fly light aircraft to capture aerial photography. With lease and purchase options, XCAM is the most cost-effective way of capturing airborne data.

How does it compare to other Aerial Survey camera systems?

XCAM is in a class of its own compared to other options. It can capture larger areas than UAV and typically costs much less than large format camera systems.

What makes it unique?

It has a unique mounting system on the wing of a light aircraft, and has a unique navigation system which means it can capture multi-angle oblique imagery very efficiently. This method is great for producing 3D models and true-ortho photography.

How much is it?

There are a range of XCAM models to choose from. They can be purchased from £32,000 and leased from £1,200 per month.

The XCAM Range

There's an XCAM for any application:



Track or Circle Pattern

Local Government
Smart Cities


Track Pattern

Precision Agriculture
Habitat Analysis

XCAM NIR Thermal

Track Pattern

Solar Panel Condition
Peat Mapping
Heat Loss
Building Usage


XCAM Ultra

Track or Circle Pattern

Same as XCAM
Wide area mapping

Use Cases

XCAM can be used in a variety of scenarios:

Established survey companies expanding their capabilities

XCAM is a smart and cost-effective way to increase capacity.

For smaller or more specialist jobs, XCAM can be used to capture data independently of the large format systems on large aircraft.

UAV companies wanting to win work for larger areas

As advanced as UAV are, there gets to a point where the job is just too big for a UAV.

XCAM can capture data of equal quality to UAVs, so say yes to the work and use XCAM.

Mining & Construction companies doing it themselves

Large mining and construction operations have their own aircraft, so fitting an XCAM is a great way to get regular site updates.

With our training packages we can get you operating safely and efficiently.

Established survey companies adapting to change

You can buy over 15 XCAMs for the price of a large format camera system.

With a trend towards customers wanting more regular high resolution data, XCAM can capture the data without the expense of a larger processing chain.

Companies wanting to dip their toe into aerial survey

Because XCAM is so affordable and easy to use, it's perfect for companies new to aerial survey.

We provide training and guidance packages to get you operating in a safe and efficient manner.

Professional photography companies getting into survey

Bespoke aerial photography companies with their own aircraft can get into capturing survey data very easily with XCAM.

If you're not interested in processing it, we can do that for you to produce professional mapping products.

XCAM Survey Methods

XCAM is unique in that it has two methods for capturing photographic data:

Track Pattern

Capture large areas of nadir imagery

  • Fits traditional processing flowlines
  • Use in controlled airspace
  • Produces great orthophotos

Circle Pattern

Capture large areas of oblique imagery

  • Produces multi-look obliques
  • Produces incredible true-orthos
  • More efficient than traditional track

Want to know more?

Whether you know exactly what you want, or just know the problem you need to solve, please get in touch. We can discuss it together and see if we've got a solution that fits.