Fast and reliable streaming of premium map data

Use our XMAP Feeds service to stream high quality map data by OGC-compliant WMS, WMTS and WFS

A brief introduction

What is it?

It's our service for giving you access to premium map datasets via OGC-compliant web feeds. You can add these feeds to XMAP Cloud GIS or any other compatible mapping software.

What does it do?

It stores premium map datasets on our fast and reliable server and, when requested, delivers the data over the web.

How does it compare to other Web Map Services?

All WMS are fine until you notice they're too slow or it's not compatible with the latest software. We make sure our services are reliable, cost-effective, fast and using the latest Open Geospatial Consortium standards.

What makes it unique?

Not much to be honest, but we work with a variety of partners to give you high quality mapping at a reasonable price.

How much is it?

A typical medium-sized organisation would pay around £250 per month for XMAP Feeds, and then there's a charge for the data licence itself which varies depending on what you need.

See it in action

Demo feed coming soon.

Use Cases

Here are areas where XMAP Feeds can be cost-effective for your business:

Ensuring consistent mapping across your organisation

If all your GIS systems connect to XMAP Feeds, you can be sure that each user is seeing the same version of the data.

Reduce in-house maintenance of map datasets

Do your GIS or IT time spend time and resources on keeping maps up-to-date?

We're already doing that work, so free up their time and connect to our feeds.

Gaining benefit from new sources of data

Having access to datasets such as high resolution satellite imagery or street mapping can improve your business processes.

Publish maps to the web without overwhelming your IT

By publishing maps on public websites using XMAP Feeds, you're hammering our servers instead of your own!

Available Datasets

Most of these feeds come as a zoomstack, meaning you'll get the highest resolution data plus smaller scales of data that switch automatically as you zoom out.


Global base mapping using regularly updated data from the OpenStreetMap project. Available in a variety of styles (and we can create custom ones for you).

Coverage: Global
Format: WMS / WMTS
Licence: Premium

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Global Satellite Imagery

A high resolution (up to 30cm GSD) dataset for the whole world. Regularly updated via a variety of space-based sensors.

Coverage: Global
Format: WMS / WMTS
Licence: Premium

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A-Z Digital Mapping

The famous atlas datasets from A-Z covering UK cities in high resolution as well as the iconic Road Atlas.

Coverage: London and other UK cities
Format: WMS / WMTS
Licence: Premium

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OS Premium

Ordnance Survey mapping at a variety of scales to match what's available through the PSMA. This includes OS MasterMap Topography Layer.

Coverage: Great Britain
Format: WMS / WMTS
Licence: Premium

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OS OpenData

Ordnance Survey mapping that's available as free open data. We provide this data as multi-scale stack from small to large scale.

Coverage: Great Britain
Format: WMS / WMTS
Licence: Open Data

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APGB Aerial Photography

Aerial imagery that's available through the 'Aerial Photography Great Britain' agreement by BlueSky, Getmapping and BEIS.

Coverage: As Per APGB Agreement
Format: WMS / WMTS
Licence: As Per APGB Agreement

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Want to know more?

Whether you know exactly what you want, or just know the problem you need to solve, please get in touch. We can discuss it together and see if we've got a solution that fits.