XMAP and Parish Online now on the UK Government's Digital Marketplace

XMAP and Parish Online now on the UK Government's Digital Marketplace

GeoXphere’s XMAP Cloud GIS has now been published on the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace, making it quick and easy to procure for all Government bodies.

The G-Cloud Digital Marketplace is a framework that allows public sector organisations to buy modern cloud software, services and hosting architecture. All suppliers and services included in the marketplace have been pre-approved allowing customers to buy with confidence and with reduced risk.

We have published three services;

  • XMAP for Local Government – this is a Cloud GIS for Districts, Counties and Unitary Authorities which includes key GIS, data visualisation and analysis functions. We already have a number of long-term customers in the UK using this (under their own various names ‘District Online’, ‘MyMaps’, ‘Online GIS’ etc). They have all been able to make large cost savings and at the same time increase functionality, reliability and analytical capabilities.


  • XMAP – this covers all other public sector organisations including Central Government, NHS, Defence, Transport, Environment and Emergency Services. This flavour of XMAP has all the key GIS features a typical organisation needs, laid out in an easy-to-use interface. In terms of data, it’s a blank canvas as we add information relevant to each customer as part of the deployment process. This makes it very adaptable to different use-cases.


  • Parish Online for Groups – this allows District and County Councils an easy, discounted way to purchase Parish Online for their Town, Community and Parish Councils. Parish Online has revolutionised the way Local Councils manage their assets, structure Neighbourhood Plans and design improvements to towns and villages across the UK. It’s been hugely successful over the years and this service allows overarching Councils to implement Parish Online in a quick and simple way.

Of course, XMAP is a global product and is being adopted by several GeoXphere Market Partners around the World under their own brand. The UK Digital Marketplace is just one example of how Cloud GIS services can be made available to customers without the hassle, and certainly not the expense of traditional GIS systems.

It can be used in all areas of business to publish and share geospatial data through a web browser, making it a cost-effective and convenient for all staff within an organisation.

For more information on XMAP, go to our product pages or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..