Skyline Partner Conference 2017 Report

Skyline Partner Conference 2017 Report

A conference in a beautiful village on the shores of Lake Como discussing XCAM and advanced geospatial processing and display methods……. oh ok then, we’ll come along!

Moltrasio - 19th to 21st June 2017

Location Location Location

Yes, it was a fantastic location for a conference and one that the GeoXphere and WaldoAir team won’t forget in a while, but aside from the stunning vistas and great food there were a lot of fascinating presentations to be seen.

This event was hosted by Skyline, the company that produces Photomesh and TerraExplorer, products that we’ve been using to produce our XCAM 3D models. We were kindly invited by Skyline UK to see the progress they have been making and future developments. It was also a chance to showcase what we have been doing with XCAM and to meet other partners and distributors from around the world.

Photomesh & XCAM

We, and many of our XCAM Market Partners, have been using Photomesh to produce XCAM 3D mesh models. It has a lot of very clever maths that allows it to recreate the most complex urban scenes into accurate 3D models. The developments for the next version of Photomesh (7.2) are going to make this even better with improved small feature detection and better edge-detection.

This added capability is especially important when combined with the XCAM Circular Path survey. With multi-look obliques you get hundreds of images of the same location, making it easier for Photomesh to detect and model extra features. Examples include street lamps, chimneys, overhead gantries and monuments. This all makes a difference in giving the viewer of the data a more realistic and true representation of the environment.

We’re looking forward to seeing this in action when 7.2 is released and we’re able to throw some XCAM data into it!

We were also given a sneak peak of what’s coming in even later versions of the software but we won’t spoil the surprise just yet! Needless to say, they’re very cool!

Clever Stuff with 3D

It was also very interesting to see the various ways the Skyline processing and visualisation software had been used by companies around the world. We were impressed by the SmartEarth guys from China who have whole power stations modelled in glorious BIM-level detail. They take data from a variety of sources and bring it together into a huge infrastructure management package that’s used by the likes of energy companies as well as rail and road authorities in China. It really shows how far you can go with making 3D GIS a full-blown decision-making and action tool. We’ll certainly be taking some lessons from them and seeing how we can implement similar tools in XMAP.

Our favourite presentation (obviously they were all good) was from the Alpes-Maritimes Local Authority in France. They showcased their use of 3D GIS by blending it into a mobile app and using it as their tourist information portal. It shows tourist hotspots in stunning 3D mesh models from Photomesh. The showcase certainly made us want to head down to the South of France and do some Via-Ferrata!


The event validated our views on the proliferation, accessibility, and adoption of 3D data as a critical base map to support a wide variety of applications. At GeoXphere, our aim is to advance this technology and get it into the hands of more people. With that, better decisions will be made, urban areas will be designed better and the environment will be better protected and cared for. All big stuff, but things we can make a difference to with these technology advances.

Thanks to Skyline

The GeoXphere and WaldoAir team would like to send a huge thanks to Skyline for organising the event, making us feel so welcome and well-looked-after and for choosing such a great venue!

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