Introducing GeoXphere

Introducing GeoXphere

Please let us introduce our new company, GeoXphere. We have one key vision; to share revolutionary survey hardware and cloud-based GIS technology to partner organisations around the world.

That's what we do, but why do we do it? Well we believe that geospatial information should be captured and delivered to the people that need it in an easy and cost effective way. "The people that need it" is the critical part. If up-to-date, high quality information is more readily available then better decisions can be made using it. This can be used to improve all areas of our lives; the way we travel, what we eat, how we communicate, and how we make sustainable decisions for the planet. It's all 'big picture' stuff, but we believe we can do our bit to drive positive change through the use of our technology.

We have two streams of technology; XCAM and XMAP. By giving a brief introduction to these we show how our company came into existence.

XCAM is an aerial survey camera built by WaldoAir in the USA. There are lots of aerial survey cameras in the market (think Vexcel, Applanix etc), but this is very different. It's a small, portable pod that attaches to the outside of an aircraft and can be used to capture high resolution vertical and oblique imagery. So no survey-modified aircraft is needed, drastically reducing costs and opens up the possibility of capturing far more data, much more regularly. This ticks our box of making geospatial data more cost-effective. WaldoAir are a key member in GeoXphere and have greatly assisted us in our start-up. Also included in the XCAM brand is our XCAM G model, a mobile mapping system designed to capture high resolution panoramic imagery.

XMAP is the name for our image processing and cloud-based GIS suite. XMAP Cloud GIS is a lightweight, configurable GIS system that allows any organisation to deploy a mapping system without expensive consultancy or months of configuration. It gets digital mapping data onto the screens of the people who need it quickly and efficiently, without lengthy training being needed. Built on open source components and enhanced with data management permissions and specialist tools, it's highly adaptable and meets the needs of many sectors. This solution also ticks our box for making geospatial data available to the decision makers and analysts. XMAP was born from long-term project by Getmapping to offer subscription-based GIS in a structured way. Getmapping are another key member in GeoXphere and have been instrumental in getting GeoXphere off the ground.

With all this technology that's already been proven in various markets, we're building a GeoXphere Partner Network of organisations around the world. These partners are operating XCAM and using XMAP to realise our vision. Keep an on our website and social media for information on case studies and new partnerships.

We have only just begun, but we're already seeing success in all continents and that's purely down to the strength and trust within our team, the support from our founding members and visionary market partners. Thanks for visiting our site and we hope we can work with you in this exciting new venture.

The GeoXphere Team