Data Showcase lets you experience XCAM mapping data

Data Showcase lets you experience XCAM mapping data

The GeoXphere website now has a dedicated XCAM data showcase section for downloading and viewing 2D and 3D mapping data.

We get daily requests for XCAM sample data from people who are keen to see what XCAM can really do. This is not always as easy as it sounds as we don't typically capture our own datasets. We are normally engaged with our XCAM users who are capturing data for their own clients. In turn, these clients may not want the data they've commissioned being made available online. The aerial data may be of private sites, commercially-sensitive operations or there may even be another end-client in the chain. This means we don't hold much XCAM aerial imagery that we hold the IPR to which we can easily publish.

Therefore, we've been actively working with our XCAM users to see what datasets they can release for publishing online. That has lead to our new Data Showcase section on our website. It's a list of projects that contain statistics, screenshots and downloads that can be used for non-commercial assessment.

Each page has:

Capture Section

This gives vital statistics on how the project was planned, what method of capture was used, and how long the project took to complete. Information such as 'on-site duration' and 'calculated Square Kilometres per hour' is critical for people assessing whether XCAM is suitable for their project.

Processing Section

In this section we give some statistics on the time it took to process the dataset including the hardware and software that was used. This is very useful for estimating how quickly a project could be delivered to a client.

Product Showcase Section

This is typically a set of images and videos showing the end product as delivered to the client. The quality, accuracy and resolution will depend greatly on the processing method used. Feel free to use this media in marketing material when pitching a project using XCAM.

Data Download Section

In most cases, it will be possible to download the raw data as it came from the XCAM. No tweaking, no touching-up, it'll be exactly as it came from the camera. There will also be links for spatially-referenced end-product data that can be downloaded and used in GIS packages or specialist software such as Skyline TerraExplorer. Download sizes will be shown in the download links. XCAM data is software-agnostic so the raw data can be used in any software package that can take JPG images. Go be creative!

Credits Section

This will contain information on what limitations are in place for using the data. Please respect the credits.


We hope you find this new addition useful. You can access the Data Showcase from the main menu of the GeoXphere website.


If you have XCAM data that you would like to include in our data showcase, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'd be happy to share it. We'd like to thank the companies that have already shared data including Kavel10 and GyroLAG.