Intergeo 2017 Report

Intergeo 2017 Report

For anyone involved in XCAM thinking that they're going to have a quiet time at Intergeo.... they're very wrong!

Intergeo was once again a non-stop event with the GeoXphere / WaldoAir team with the stand being busy from early Tuesday morning all the way to Thursday afternoon while some other stands were packing up. This year we had our own dedicated stand where we could showcase the latest XCAM and XMAP innovations. We were also joined by 4 fantastic Market Partner companies who use XCAM. Here's our report from the event.


XCAM Innovations

Many who visited our stand this year were amazed by how far XCAM had advanced in just 12 months. Innovations such as the circle path were discussed at Intergeo last year, and are now not only a reality, but a core part of XCAM users' work. We have also seen much tighter integration with processing software suites such as Skyline Photomesh, making the capture and production of 3D data so much easier and cheaper than conventional methods. Those we spoke to who were new to the concept of XCAM were blown away and many (25 at the last count) have expressed interest in demonstrations in their own countries. Those who had already heard of XCAM can now see that it is truly a competitor for the large format and UAV systems out there and our XCAM user base is growing each month. Follow the hashtag #SurveyRevolution on twitter to see some of the great work our partners are doing.

 XCAM at Intergeo

XCAM circle plans



This year we wanted to show that XCAM is indeed a revolutionary piece of technology, but it isn't so new and exciting that you should be afraid to use it. So on our exhibition stand we invited 4 of our valued Market Partners to showcase what they have been doing with XCAM. Ramani Geosystems (Kenya), CompassData (USA), SRDP Consulting (Philippines) and Col-East (USA) joined us and using their big screens show off data from real projects flown with XCAM. This really got visitors to our stand interested as it was a validation that the camera technology works and works well! It was also an opportunity for the partners to interact with visitors and generate B2B contacts and interest. We feel this worked really well so hope to continue with this concept next year!

Hildah and Wycliffe representing Ramani at Intergeo 2017

Philipp and Giandri representing CompassData at Intergeo Joel and Nicole representing SRDP at Intergeo  Shaun and Ralph representing Col-East at Intergeo


Mesh Models Emerging

One of the big changes we saw this year was the general feeling of acceptance and the growing demand for 3D mesh models. This has traditionally been a tough sell because the software wasn't there to support it, and even so, the data was so big you couldn't do anything with it. This is rapidly changing now as XCAM lowers the capture costs for the data and software such as Skyline TerraExplorer allows the data to be easily viewed and interrogated. More people are asking how they can capture it and how they can use it, all things that XCAM and GeoXphere technology can do really well, so that was extremely positive. How the mesh model will compete with structured CAD-generated models in the future we don't know. However, with the advancement of machine learning we can see mesh models turning 'smart' very soon to allow even greater analytics in the Smart Cities and 5G planning world.


We'd like to thank everyone who visited our stand this year. You made the event enjoyable and productive and we look forward to working with you in the future. Intergeo is in Frankfurt next year and the planning has already begun! Fortunately we won't have to experience the dreadful Berlin Tegel airport for a good few years!