GeoData 2017 London Report

GeoData 2017 London Report

The whole team were at GeoDATA London this year. Here's our report on the event.

It was great to be back at the GeoDATA London event, this year with a full complement of GeoXphere staff. Our aim for the event was to showcase our methods for capturing, processing and displaying 3D geospatial data and to show that it is no longer expensive or time-consuming to get it in front of the people that need it.

Geospatial data is all about giving an insightful and truthful visualisation of an environment so that the reader can make good decisions based upon it. This applies to any area of work including; environmental planning, asset management, construction, infrastructure planning, agriculture and defence.

We presented our three key services at the event that contribute to the 'good decision' workflow:

- XCAM, a cost-effective and efficient way of capturing vertical and oblique photography. We can supply the camera system and training, or provide it as a service directly or through our partners.

- Photomesh Processing, our preferred solution for producing 3D models, true-orthophotos and elevations models. We have a lot of in-house experience of using this software so can provide licences and training, or provide it as a service.

- XMAP, our cloud-based corporate GIS that can be used out-of-the-box or configured to fit your company's workflows. Our in-house team can tweak and develop XMAP apps to suit your needs. It's been extremely popular with Local Councils in the UK.

All of these were very well received and we had a full day of intense conversation with visitors and other exhibitors at the event. We were certainly glad to have a full team available to answer questions.

Last year we noted that there was an increased awareness and interest in 3D data. This year that's come to the fore and people are now actively exploring how they can utilise 3D data as their new default base map for GIS analytics. This is great to see (as it's what we do!).

We'd like to thank the Verisk Analytics (GeoAware / GeoInformation Group) team for once again putting on a great event. It seems to be growing each year, hopefully because of the content of the exhibition and talks and not just the mulled wine and minced pies!