Voxel3D begin XCAM operations in Spain

Voxel3D begin XCAM operations in Spain

We’re pleased to announce that Voxel3D have adopted XCAM as part of their strategy to deliver high quality aerial photography products in Spain.

Voxel3D, based in Valladolid in North West Spain, have joined the growing number of companies using XCAM to expand their capabilities in a cost-effective and efficient way. They will be using XCAM to offer oblique images and true-orthophotos, as well as other derived products such as 3D mesh models and terrain data.

Voxel3D’s core business is providing Government and Private Sector in Spain with cloud-based GIS tools. These services help customers consume geospatial data which is used for decision-making and strategic planning. The addition of XCAM to Voxel3D’s arsenal allows them to offer fast, high quality aerial photography datasets in a much more cost-effective way than previous outsourcing methods. It also gives the customer the opportunity to commission more regular surveys than previously practical or economical.

Voxel3D Oblique Tools
Measuring fascades in Voxel3D software

The GeoXphere team met with Voxel3D to provide the XCAM training. The first day involved flight planning training at the office and then installation and operation training at a local airfield. By day 2 the Voxel3D operators were completely comfortable with using the XCAM in both Track and Circle configurations. The pilot was also very comfortable with the circle surveys. After 30 seconds of flight he exclaimed, “hey, this is too easy!”.

XCAM installation
XCAM installation on a cold airfield
Take-off for test flights
Take-off for test flights

The Voxel3D team have already begun capturing sample datasets using both the Track and Circle method so that they can process the data for demos within their cloud services. They also proved the concept of extending the flying season in Spain. Even in early February with high wind, low sun angles and variable cloud conditions, they were able to capture five large projects in two days.

We’re really looking forward to continuing working with Voxel3D. They are a very professional and skilled team so we know they can make the most of the technology and build a valuable new sector of their business.

The GeoXphere team would like to thank everyone at Voxel3D for their hospitality during the XCAM delivery. Stay tuned for sample datasets from Voxel3D on our Data Showcase, and check out their website for more information on the services they’re offering.

To contact Voxel3D about imagery in Spain, please contact the GeoXphere team or Voxel3D directly.