WaldoAir to reveal large format XCAM H at Intergeo

WaldoAir to reveal large format XCAM H at Intergeo

The most innovative and highest-resolution XCAM model ever produced will be revealed at Intergeo in Frankfurt next week.

If you’re familiar with XCAM then you’ll know that its core aim is to enable the capture of high-quality aerial photography in a cost-effective way without the burdens of traditional aerial survey. Over the last few years WaldoAir have produced a range of models, notably the XCAM B and XCAM Ultra, to improve the way survey can be conducted. The addition of the unique Circle Trajectory flight pattern and navigation systems extended that to revolutionise the way oblique imagery can be captured. By taking this unique XCAM data and running it through dense-image matching software such as Skyline Photomesh, Pix4D, ContextCapture et al, stunning 2D and 3D products can be produced. The results show that the survey operator can capture and deliver data much more cost-effectively and the end clients receive their data faster and with better-than-ever quality and resolution.

However, there’s always going to be a situation where XCAM can be made even better and based on customer feedback we found one. For large cities with restricted airspace, getting ultra-high-resolution imagery can be a problem. The time it takes to capture the data can also be an issues, as getting ‘booted out’ of the airspace adds time and cost to the project. So, the WaldoAir team designed a new XCAM to tackle these issues, the XCAM H.

The XCAM H has all the benefits of the other XCAMs such as portability and ease-of-use, but this one has a few key modifications;


  • The ‘H’ stands for ‘Hasselblad’. This XCAM contains two Hasselblad A6D sensors. This gives the XCAM a huge combined 200 megapixel sensor array (23,000 pixels in cross-range) that puts the XCAM firmly in the territory of the traditional large format systems.


  • This model has 80mm lenses, meaning that surveys can be flown at more practical altitudes over cities. Nadir data can be collected at 3cm GSD and oblique imagery can be collected at 2cm GSD.


  • This XCAM now has built-in storage to allow for rapid frame rate of 1 second per image and a capacity of 2TB.


  • New innovations such as the wireless navigation tablet for the pilot and navigator reduces the amount of cabling required, making the installation and operation a smooth and decluttered experience.


  • Compatible with the Circle Trajectory, this camera produces multi-angle oblique imagery to produce stunning 3D models and true-orthophotos. Perfect for high-rise and complex urban environments.


James Summerville, CEO of WaldoAir, commented on the importance of this launch;

“Over the last 5 years we’ve been proud to see XCAM revolutionize the way our customers capture data. It’s great to hear the fantastic feedback and the variety of projects that XCAM is capable of around the world. The unveiling of the XCAM H is the natural progression for us to push the boundaries of what’s capable with our unique design. We’re looking forward to seeing it in action over the coming months”.

WaldoAir have already received an order for the XCAM H by the highly regarded international survey company OFEK. They’ll be using the XCAM H to produce the most detailed surveys of Israeli cities ever captured and will be capable of flying XCAM H jobs throughout Europe.

The XCAM H will be officially launched at Intergeo in Frankfurt next week on the GeoXphere partner stand (Hall 12.1 E59). The XCAM H will be displayed at the stand for anyone who wants to see it in person. We’ll also have other XCAM models and screens showing the latest data that’s been captured. WaldoAir as well as four of our valued partners (Voxel3D, OFEK, Solspec and SRDP Consulting) will be showcasing their services, including how XCAM and XMAP technology has been used to produce high quality products for their clients.

We look forward to another busy and exciting event. We hope to see you there.


WaldoAir and GeoXphere are now taking orders for the new XCAM H. To find out more and see how XCAM can work for you, please come and find us at the Intergeo exhibition, or contact us through the usual channels.

p.s Please forgive our American cousins at WaldoAir for the way they spell ‘revolutionise’.