XMAP for Local Government showcasing at GeoPlace 2019

XMAP for Local Government showcasing at GeoPlace 2019

It’ll be our third year at the GeoPlace annual conference and this year we’re bringing some big XMAP upgrades to showcase.

XMAP is very much an underdog in the corporate GIS world of Local Government at the moment. It’s got a handful of committed users around the country; Bath & North East Somerset, North East Derbyshire, Bolsover, Mid Sussex, for example. There are also a few others using components of XMAP but not the whole package. They’ve all taken advantage of our low annual subscription price, the ever-improving software, and above all, our team’s commitment in time and effort to making sure they get the most out of our software.

Our latest version of XMAP has some great new features that will hopefully make managers of GIS & IT seriously consider our solution for sharing GIS data across teams and tiers of government.

Here are the things we’re most proud of recently:

  • Our new XMAP Address Search allows you to search OS AddressBase or your own LLPG. We’ve already integrated it into XMAP itself and will soon have it as an API. We’ve been building it into workflows within XMAP to make sure different departments can get to the locations they need quickly and without fuss.



  • Filtering and Listing in XMAP. This allows users to filter GIS datasets from a map-based or list-based view. GIS is all about digging down to find the answers. This makes the process so much faster.



  • XMAP Map Sharing. When you deploy XMAP as a corporate GIS it’s only accessible to staff in your organisation. That’s great for data security and group collaboration but not good for public sharing data. So we’ve recently released a new admin tool that lets you create interactive maps to publish as iframes within public websites. The best thing about it, it’s fast. It can load 40+ layers in seconds, and interrogate those 40+ layers in seconds. We’ve tried it with a full development plan!



And here’s what we think might tempt you away from the more established GIS providers:


  • Unlimited corporate licence. We want everyone within your organisation to have easy access to map data and tools so we don’t limit your usage or number of users. We give you admin tools to make it easy to deploy to everyone, even subcontractors.


  • Price. You pay a fixed subscription fee for XMAP, and apart from the Map Sharing bolt-on, we don’t charge you extra for any new tools or features we build. XMAP is circa £8k for the majority of Local Councils.


  • Our loyalty to you. We’re a small team but we pack a punch when it comes to helping you with GIS. We’ll go above and beyond, giving you unrivalled value for money.


Still not convinced? Being let down by an existing supplier? Or simply bound by an existing contract? Let us give you a long-term test drive. We can help you with the data management, deployment and training as if you were a fully-paid-up subscriber. We’d love to prove that our software can work for you. We also provide Parish Online, the cloud GIS for Town and Parish Councils, so if you're in a parished area there's even more of a reason to look at XMAP.

We'll be at GeoPlace in London this Thursday (and the evening before). We'll have demos on our stand so come and test it out! If you can't make it to the GeoPlace event then use the email below to summon us to your offices!


To find out more, visit or XMAP product page. XMAP is charged on a subscription basis and can be configured to include a range of premium and open-source datasets as well as synchronising with local GIS data. This makes it perfect for Local Government looking to reduce their IT expenditure. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with what you'd like us to help you with.