SRDP Consulting take delivery of XCAM B

SRDP Consulting take delivery of XCAM B

SRDP Consulting, one of the premier engineering, mapping and surveying companies in the Philippines has taken delivery of an XCAM B to take their surveying capabilities to the next level.

SRDP, based in Manila, Philippines took delivery of their new XCAM B with two high resolution RGB sensors in early December this year. It was ordered by Mr Joel Cruz, President of SRDP Consulting in person at the WaldoAir/GeoXphere stand at Intergeo, Hamburg, Germany. Mr Cruz was impressed by the ease of operation and the fantastic data that can be automatically produced using software such as Skyline or Pix4D. "At SRDP we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality mapping data to our clients in a timely manner. Operating an XCAM is a critical step to making sure we stay ahead of the technology curve. XCAM is low cost, portable and very efficient to operate, meaning we can provide a better service to our clients".

James Summerville (WaldoAir) traveled to Manila to deliver the XCAM B. He first visited the local airport in Plaridel to provide training to the Flight Operations team in installing and operating the XCAM. They were able to carry out a number of flights, capturing data that will be used to produce high resolution topographical maps. The installation took less than an hour, including initial training, proving how easy the XCAM is to deploy, even with jetlag!

The next part of the visit was to the SRDP Headquarters to download and process the XCAM data. Within an hour or two they had produced a full 3D photomesh, orthophoto and elevation model that can be used in their GIS and map production workflow. Mr Cruz described the improvements this can make to their operation. "Using the XCAM for the first time has shown that we can now provide almost any area and resolution of data our clients need. It sits perfectly between our UAS operation and what can be captured with large format digital cameras. We are confident this will allow our business to grow into new markets with ease".

James commented on his experience working with SRDP. "It's been great to meet the SRDP team. They've shown that by taking a forward-thinking approach to aerial survey with XCAM they'll be able to lead against the competition for years to come. The Philippines is a vibrant and ever changing place and having a strong company like SRDP means that engineering projects and development can be carried out in an efficient and sustainable way. I look forward to building an even stronger relationship with them in the future".

SRDP are already considering expanding their fleet of XCAM units, including the XCAM Ultra (large format sensor) and the XCAM G (panoramic mobile mapper).