GeoXphere and Skyline collaboration accelerates 3D City Model production

GeoXphere and Skyline collaboration accelerates 3D City Model production


GeoXphere and Skyline have signed a partnership agreement to help bring big gains in the availability and quality of 3D city models.

3D data is quickly becoming a crucial element to decision-making in all industries from agriculture to city planning. At GeoXphere we specialise in efficient data capture methods using XCAM but that’s only one half of the story. The other is processing that data into a high-quality dataset without taking hundreds of hours of manual editing. Skyline PhotoMesh completes this picture using state-of-the-art pixel matching and edge detection algorithms to produce stunning photo-realistic 3D models.

“This collaboration has huge potential for the way 3D data is produced and consumed”, said Chris Mewse (MD of GeoXphere). “PhotoMesh means our partners can take XCAM data and deliver impressive 3D products quickly and with unprecedented quality”.

Instead of creating building models using traditional LOD (Level of Detail) iterations or stereo photography, PhotoMesh uses advanced image pixel matching and edge detection to accurately render a point cloud of the environment. It then accurately drapes the imagery over the point cloud to create the 3D representation of the scene. This can then be exported in a variety of well-known formats including 3DML, ESRI I3S, Cesium tiles and OBJ.

Dave Loescher MD of Skyline UK commented, “Not only does PhotoMesh create these incredible 3D models, there are also some very useful by-products of the processing including a true-orthophoto, DSM and LAS point cloud. This means that as organisations migrate towards 3D analysis, their existing GIS software can consume the new aerial survey data without any compatibility issues”.

“Skyline PhotoMesh is now in use by a number of GeoXphere XCAM Partners who serve the UK, Europe and Africa. It’s great to see the benefits and new advancements being made in various sectors based on the 3D data”.

To get started with Skyline, speak to any of the GeoXphere team. You can also explore an XCAM dataset here using Skyline Globe web viewer.